26 November 2008

Back In Business (kinda)

Slowly rebuilding my studio. Just got a new exposure unit, so now my burnt screens look more professional and less ghettofessional. Still working out a few kinks here & there, but at least I'm not on full hiatus anymore.

Oh yeah... X-Mas wish list? ...DIP TANK!

Art Basel 2008 -- Miami

Four nights of FREE music as well as art (fliers, set lists, photos, books, stuff, etc) featured in Fucked Up + Photocopied and Punk Is Dead, Punk Is Everything, two visual history punk books published by Kill Your Idols, Inc. Wish I was going to this; mostly to see friends & enjoy some slightly warmer weather in December, but also to see bands & hang out. Someone please find me a cheap flight--thanks!

3-color • 16x20 • edition of 100 • IN STOCK

Update: November 2008 (part 2)

Ok, now fastforwarding from August to early November now. The legendary INEPSY and the mighty LEBENDEN TOTEN played a free gig in Austin. Lots of fun. I could say more, but what's the point?

3-color • 12x24" • edition of 50 • SOLD OUT

Update: November 2008

So I've been meaning to add some stuff here since August, but you know how it goes. The perfect combination of being lazy & busy kept that from happening. Anyway, I'm back, here goes.

I did this print for Prank Records' 13th Anniversary Gig out in SF CA back in late August. Ken wanted some kind of horror/monster-themed poster done for the gig, so I whipped this one up. I went out to see this show as well as hang out in SF for the week. Hadn't been out to the Bay Area in over a decade, so now seemed like as good a time as any. Fun gig, good eats, beautiful sights. A million thanks to Ken, Denise, and the MRR house for keeping my ass off the streets.

3-color • 16x20" • edition of 100 • IN STOCK

15 July 2008

1997 in 2008

Just finished the layout for a DESPISE YOU poster I'm doing for their upcoming Austin gig. It's their first time out to Texas, so I wanted to do a lil' something to commemorate the Austin gig. Anyone familiar with DESPISE YOU probably are aware that they were one of the more crucial 90's SoCal Barrio Thrash/HC/Power Violence bands. Despite having a dozen records released (including an LP), the never played live shows in the 90's. But after an on/off 13+ year existence and countless lineup changes, they have been a live band for about a year now. So their Texas gigs are kind of a big deal & a rare occasion. There will be screenprinted posters of this image available at the Austin gig. Not too many (30 or so), so first come first serve.

Enjoy & see you at the Austin gig...maybe Houston & Dallas too!

3-color • 14x24" • edition of 50 • SOLD OUT

26 June 2008


R.I.P. 1937-2008

Enjoy those pork chops with the Invisible Man in the Sky.

Where have I been?

Yeah, no kidding. It's been over 2 months since the last post. I spent the early part of May traveling around the East Coast (Philly, NYC, Providence, Boston). Saw some friends, saw some bands, bought some crap, etc. Then spent the middle part of May enjoying Chaos In Tejas.

The LEATHERFACE handbill you see here is the last thing I designed/printed. It was for a 'secret' Beerland matinee show they played. Their set was much better at Beerland than their set Emo's set the night before. A little less rusty, a little more sober. SOCIAL CIRCKLE were great as well. It was my first time seeing them; hope to see them again someday soon.

Late May & most of June has been spent running back & forth from Austin to Corpus Christi trying to handle more stuff w/ my mom's estate. It's really time consuming, and I'm nowhere close to being done. SOMETHING'S GOT TO GIVE SOON. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, I got my first-ever root canal yesterday. Yay?

16 April 2008


WELL, KINDA.  This is my first poster for 2008.  After taking a well- deserved 6 month break, I think I might be ready to start raising my blood pressure again.

For the record, I'm actually still taking it easy on my print & design schedule until the smokes clear on my current grown-up priorities (buying my house, probate for my mom's estate, etc.).

Haven't actually printed this TORCHE poster yet; just finished designing it.  The colors may change a little, but overall it will be the same subject matter.  Concept was simple; Torche (esp Steve & Juan) are big DLR-VH nerds (me too) so it seemed fitting.  Added some key lyrics to 'Tarpit Carnivore' for good measure.  I hope to print this sometime in the next 2 weeks, when time permits.  If you want one, let me know ASAP.  Not gonna print too many (50 prints or less) & will probably sell out @ the show.

14 April 2008

Chaos In Tejas 2008 • May 15-17 • Emo's Austin

Thursday May 15th (outside) 
Roky Erickson and the Explosives 
The Strange Boys 
Pink Reason


Thursday May 15th (inside) 
Hard Skin 
World Burns to Death 
Fy Fan 
Under Pressure 
No Fucker 
Iron Age

NOTE: Will you have to pay for BOTH stages to see BOTH shows?  YES.  Emo's will have doorguys & bouncers checking tickets/wristbands/handstamps at every door that connects the 2 stages.  Sorry guys, Roky ain't cheap.


Friday May 16th (outside) 
Dillinger Four 
The Marked Men 
Straight Jacket Nation 
Iron Lung 
Hatred Surge 
Brain Handle 
Sacred Shock


Saturday May 17th at Beerland(early day show) 
Social Circkle 
and more T.B.A.


Saturday May 17th (outside) 
Los Crudos 


after hours show on the lamar pedestrian bridge...
2 a.m.(after crudos ends)


Tickets are on sale now at www.ticketweb.com 
They are selling pretty fast. I would say at least Thurs and Sat will sell out.


Who's coming out here to this shit?!?!  Ok, not my fest... but it's happening in my city.  What the hell is going on in your city that weekend?  Oh, some chili cookoff?  Cool, have fun...

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