18 March 2009

Kill Your Idols Showcase during SXSW 2009

Just one of many FREE gig during SXSW, showcasing some of the latest in "weird punk" trends. Not really a fan of 90% of the bands playing this gig, but I was asked very politely to do a poster by several nice individuals. And it was an appropriate opportunity to use an old photo (from an old Playboy!) of Stiv Bators & his lady caught somewhere between 2nd and 3rd base. Enjoy.

Oh hey look, Nick Flanagan is performing!

(p.s. Yes, this poster is still IN STOCK! Email me if you're interested in purchasing one!)


Self-explanatory. I would like to extend a laurel and hardy handshake to all my friends and enemies about to destroy my fair city. See you soon.

limited covers for the HELLSHOCK / AGE split 7"

The one on the left (black paper) was done for the HELLSHOCK 2009 Japan tour with AGE. 200 COPIES.

The one on the right (blue paper) was done for HG:FACT mailorder. 100 COPIES.

Commissioned by Keith Testerman (Hellshock, Warcry, Lebenden Toten, Estranged, etc) and HG:Fact Records in Tokyo.

For those keeping score, there are 3 cover variants total. I did 2 of the 3. The 3rd being the regular cover.

AMEBIX in Philly -- Jan.31, 2009

Did this poster for AMEBIX about a week after the Austin gig. Again, not much to say about AMEBIX, except they were great. Go see them if you can.

3-color • 16x20" • edition of 100 • IN STOCK

AMEBIX in Austin -- Jan.25, 2009

Not much to say here. I've waited a long time to see the mighty AMEBIX, who luckily reunited last year, and then booked a short US tour in Jan/Feb 2009. Despite being yet another "reunion" band, they did not let me down. If you saw them on this most recent tour, you know what I mean. If you did not see them, you'll get get another chance to see them this coming May at Chaos In Tejas Fest as well as other select US cities.

The 'severed head' on this poster is of my buddy Matt Badenhop of Sacred Shock / Deskonocidos fame. Amebix is one of his favorite bands. It was also his birthday. He had a pretty good day.

3-color • 12x24" • edition of 100 • SOLD OUT