16 April 2008


WELL, KINDA.  This is my first poster for 2008.  After taking a well- deserved 6 month break, I think I might be ready to start raising my blood pressure again.

For the record, I'm actually still taking it easy on my print & design schedule until the smokes clear on my current grown-up priorities (buying my house, probate for my mom's estate, etc.).

Haven't actually printed this TORCHE poster yet; just finished designing it.  The colors may change a little, but overall it will be the same subject matter.  Concept was simple; Torche (esp Steve & Juan) are big DLR-VH nerds (me too) so it seemed fitting.  Added some key lyrics to 'Tarpit Carnivore' for good measure.  I hope to print this sometime in the next 2 weeks, when time permits.  If you want one, let me know ASAP.  Not gonna print too many (50 prints or less) & will probably sell out @ the show.

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